Fox New Bob Beckel's Advice about Shotguns While Traveling on Road Trips

Fox News Bob Beckel was dishing out his advice on The Five regarding how to take road trips with your family.
I found it ironic that this bloated buffoon who is so anti-gun, yet his advice involved a shotgun. Hacking, coughing and slurring his words he gave his opinion:" bring a shot gun for your wife and a can of gasoline for the backseat so they pass out from the fumes".
I am not sure if the gun was supposed to be used as a threat to keep the wife  quiet or if he mean to just shoot the wife. He never elaborated on what he would do with the gun.
Of course Kimberly Guilfoyle purred "Oh Bob" and everyone else laughed at his disgusting comment. Kimberly went on to state that no one should take Bob's advice.
Mind you, this is the guy who screams as he slurs out his rants against guns and the NRA. I am sure that you wouldn't find any NRA member telling you to use a shot gun to keep your wife quiet and gasoline on your kids.
I just wonder how long it will be before Fox News finally catches on that the Liberal, bloated buffoon is offensive to their viewers and he needs to be replaced.

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