Fox New Resident Big Mouthed Bully Bob Beckel Needs To Be Fired

Where is the Human Resources Department at Fox News?
Day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year we have had to sit and listen to Bob Beckel and his few remaining neurons (the ones that have not been destroyed by booze and drugs) slur, slander and attack Republicans which his co-hosts, sit and giggle and cheer him on. They all give the bloated buffoon kudos when he comes up with this reckless comments. Kimberly Guilfoyle messes her pants as she flirts with the political hack.
But it begs to wonder, what about the racial attacks, the slurs the physical threats that he makes each day? Where is the Human Resources? I guarantee you that the law that any HR department is forced to follow, would not allow this behavior. But for some reason Fox News has a different set of rules.
Can you even imagine going into work and calling a woman a "broad"? How about how he called Mitt Romney's Jewish donors "diamond merchants"? Or how about how he bragged about punching a women in the face? Shall I go on?
Any of these comments would be enough to get you or I fired and then probably sued for making bigoted, slanderous, sexist comments like he does everyday.
Where is Fox New's HR Department, do they even have ears or are they hearing impaired? Where are the Advertisers who crumble if anyone on the right even mentions being supportive of traditional marriage? Yet they all sit and ignore what comes out of this pig's mouth.
If I was a lawyer I would take this on and start a class action lawsuit against Fox News for subjecting it's viewers to this ignorant attacks on a daily basis.
I often wondered if  Beckel's poltical past was so wonderful, why is he not working for Obama? They wouldn't want this bottom feeder.  Even they have some standards. Instead Fox News has taken this vile vermin and use him as they parade him from show to show as an expert.
I guess Fox New's HR department is asleep at the helm or we are forced to accept that Fox News condones his assaults, attacks and him beating women.
Also, shame on Dana Perino, Greg Gutfield, Eric Boling, Andrea Tantaros, etc. for sitting there while he behaves like this day after day. They could band together and get him to stop.

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