Fox News Liberal Megyn Kelly Attacks Dick Cheney Over Iraq

For all the people always screaming that Fox News is nothing but a conservative TV channel, you might want to take a few minutes and listen to Megyn Kelly attack Vice President Dick Cheney over his decisions pertaining to us going into  war with Iraq.
She blind-sided him during an interview Thursday night and then interviewed additional guests after the Cheney interview and she was still ranting and screaming about Vice President Cheney. I was embarrassed for her when she just kept repeating her same rant as her guests had to sit and listen to her  go on an on attacking Vice President Cheney decisions.
Kelly specifically said she would not be an "opinion Anchor" and would keep her political party affiliation out of her show but Megyn Kelly is out of the closet and let her liberal/progressive opinions reared it's ugly head last night.
If she has no respect for Vice President Dick Cheney, that is one thing but she should have shown more respect than what she did.

I am sure if she had Joe Biden on her show, she would never act like that.

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