WTF Happened To Fox News Bob Beckel's Face? Plastic Surgery?

Today the bloated, Botox'd toad Bob Beckel, appeared swollen,  slits for eyes and with lumps all over his face. Are we supposed to not notice this? I am assuming that Bob Beckel had more plastic surgery and more Botox. He distinctively has a lump at the bottom of his cheek, one on his cheek, one on his upper cheek and one on his temple. He is ugly enough but I guess they are trying to keep the bloated toad looking younger. That last time Bob Beckel appeared like this he wore glasses and claimed he was allergic to chlorine from him swimming. Then appeared a few days later with new eyelids.
Meanwhile he was hacking up a lung again and slurping, sucking and gumming a lozenger again. Has the MRSA spread to his respiratory system?
Yesterday he not lonely swore on TV and said BS (said the full words), also he was hacking, sucking his lozenger and his phone was ringing. What other person on ANY news channel is as disgusting as he is?
Fox News needs to just get rid of this bloated ball of MRSA before all their hosts are infected.

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