Fox News Bob Beckel Says Supreme Court Should Be Bludgeoned For Hobby Lobby

Fox News Liberal political hack, Bob Beckel resorts to his vile, violent comments when he says that the Supreme Court should be bludgeoned for their decision on the Hobby Lobby case.
The self proclaimed Mensa member spewed out this non-sense while on "The Five".  Does Fox News ever reign this slob in?
For someone who is supposedly anti-bully, anti-gun, anti-violence, he sure tends to lean toward those violent comments daily.
Fox News must approve of it because he is their trophy Liberal that gets paraded around from The Five, Out Numbered, America News Room and Hannity.
I listen to the non-sense that comes out of this man's mouth and it is disgusting.
Today he was on America's News Room with Martha MacCallum and he was there to discus the IRS destroying the emails and his rebuttal was to tell her how good the air traffic control was run and the roads.  WHAT?????
The man has no brain cells left and his only thing he can do is change the subject or mumble about something from 40 yrs ago. He is not revelant and has nothing of substance to add to any conversation.
Fox needs to find another Liberal to parade around. This one is just a filthy mouthed, dry drunk.

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