Fox News ~ Megyn Kelly Nose Plastic Surgery Pics?


Fox News Megyn Kelly picture clearly shows that collapsing nostril (see crater) on the side of her nose. Michael Jackson had the same thing from having too many nose jobs.
Also, notice that odd line under her jaw. That sure looks like an incision line to me. Surgeons typically hide incision lines in natural creases. That doesn't look like a natural fold to me.
 I am sure Megyn has had a lot of work done. She is in her 40's and shows signs of having multiple procedures done.
The nostril crater is obvious. Michael Jackon's nose crumbled from having too many procedures. So either Megyn Kelly had too many nose jobs or her Dr just did a bad job and her nostril is collapsing. Earlier pictures of Megyn Kelly do not show the collapsing nostril.
Let this be a lesson, if you are getting a nose job, make sure you get a good one so you don't end up with a crater!

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