Fox News Megyn Kelly Screams Her Self Sick Again

Well, once again, Fox's News Megyn Kelly has lost her voice. This is the second time within a few months that she has had to take off work for losing her voice.
Last Friday, Kelly appeared with her voice sounding strained and hoarse. Her signature screaming was quieted to an annoying, raspy whisper. Then Monday, Megyn Kelly and her doll hair were absent from The Kelly File.
I can't imagine why? Could it be from her screaming for 1 hr each day while on air? Megyn Kelly is one of the screamers on Fox News. Fox Scat believes that she does this because she thinks it makes her seem powerful. Actually, it's annoying and as we can see, the vocal cords can only take so much of it.
Let's hope that Kelly catches on that maybe if she lowers her voice, it won't put the strain on her vocal cords. Plastic Surgery can't fix her vocal cords like it did her face. She better calm down and quit screaming, if she plans on being on air long enough for her to bump Bill O'Reilly out of his time slot.
The Fox News Screamers are Megyn Kelly, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Kimberly Guilfoyle but I think Kelly is the most annoying of all.

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