Did Fox News Anna Kooiman Have Breast Implant Surgery?

Fox News, South Carolina born, cutie,  Anna Kooiman is probably the most athletic woman at Fox News. She just finished running a marathon for charity that funds scholarships for children of military who have died. 

One look at her 30 yr old body and you can tell that this woman spends a lot of time working out, running, training,etc.
But when we looked at the pics of her super toned body, we noticed a few things in both pictures. First, athletic women do not have breasts since breast tissue shrinks and many time goes away completely since breasts are fat. Lean muscle is built up and bye bye boobies.  If you take a look at the first pic, you will see her one boob is sitting pretty high up on her chest wall. 
If you are a woman, look at your own boobs. Are they that high and round at the top? If so, then are yours implants? I can tell you that the women at Fox Scat do not have boobs (or bodies) like that. Maybe we need to spend more time at the gym.
Next, take a look at Miz Kooiman's Instagram below. That wide gap in the cleavage is a tell tale sign of breast augmentation. I guess Fox News wants their women to have more curves for the viewers.
You be the judge, but breast augmentation or not,  Anna Kooiman is not only fit, but she is very sexy!

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