Update on Fox News Elisabeth Hasslebeck Health Situation

~ We are hopeful that we will see Elisabeth Hasslebeck back on Fox and Friends soon. Elisabeth Hasslebeck hasn't been seen on Fox News channel's morning show for over a month now.
Her last post on Twitter was on October 8th, where she posted a pic of a couple who had just gotten married outside the Fox News Studio. That was the last we have heard  from her.
Her last Instagram post was on Oct. 6, when she posted an inspirational quote that read, "Just because time doesn't stand still, doesn't mean you have to rush. Dare to stand still & see something precious."
The only thing we have heard, post surgery was a statement released stating:  "Elisabeth has asked for all to respect her wishes for privacy in regards to further details at this time."  Those  ominous words were the last update the viewers have heard.
Kimberly Guilfoyle has been filling in Fox and Friends daily but still nothing is being said recently.
While Fox Scat was not really a fan of Elisabeth, we are hopefull for her healing and returning. With that said, we are thinking that this silence might not be a good sign.~

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