Is Fox News Liberal Bob Beckel Drinking and Doing Drugs Again?

Fox News Liberal Bob Beckel seems to be having more and more  problems speaking. We  have noticed that at times, we have to literally walk up to the TV and read his lips or rewind it a couple times to hear some of the things he says.
Bob Beckel's mumbling and slurring of words is becoming more pronounced. We have also receive many emails from our readers stating that they also think he is drinking or doing drugs again.
Also, we have seen, on several occasions, the bloated, Botox'd toad, fall asleep at the desk while the show is live. A couple days ago, Greg Gutfield startled Beckel by saying " Bob, wake up".
I tend to think he is not doing drugs because he is so obese and drug addicts tend to be thin. But his violent outbursts could be a sign of both drug addiction as well as drinking.
It makes me wonder why Fox News doesn't talk to him to see why Bob Beckel is having a problem speaking. Whether he needs a speech therapist, or is it that he is back to drinking and slurring his words is just part of it? At any rate, it needs to be addressed.
I think the producers of Fox News The Five just let everything go with Bob Beckel. We watch all the various channels and we never see any anchor or host screaming, slobbering, slurring their words, making violent physical threats, bigoted comments, racial slurs, attacks and threats, oh wait there is also Al Sharpton on MSNBC that does that as well! Bob Beckel, is the only one that behaves the way he does and he is the only one that mumbles and slurs his words.
Could Bob Beckel be over-medicated? Could it be that he is so fat that the inside of his mouth has filled in with fat (it does happen) or something else?
Fox Scat is investigating reasons why adults slur words and mumble. We will keep you posted if we find out any viable reasons other than Bob Beckel is just drinking again, or is such a lazy turd that he can't muster up the energy to move his mouth and lips to pronounce words properly.

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