Fox News Commentator Kirsten Powers Plastic Surgery Pics

Fox News Liberal Commentator, Kirsten Powers, has had her share of visiting the plastic surgeon's office. Fox Scat can spot fillers and Botox a mile away and Kirsten has obviously been injected and filled up.  Fox News women's faces are all un-naturally smooth and Kirsten Powers is no exception.
New Flash~ It is not normal for women over 30 to not have one line on their faces! At Fox News, smooth faces even into their 60's is normal.
Kirsten also has obviously gone beyond the Botox and filler to give her a different look. Fox Scat is going to go out on a limb here and bet that Kirsten has had some additional work done.
The pics below, clearly show a magic shrinking nose.  It keeps getting smaller and smaller. We are hoping she is not visiting Michael Jackson's Dr.
Take a look and let us know what you think.

Whooaaa! Kirsten had a large nose in this pic

First nose job was obviously done....Kirsten's nose is much thinner. What's up with those eye brows?

Kirsten's newest nose. Thin, tiny and tip lifted. All lines are gone from her face

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