Fox News Liberal Kirsten Powers Loves Wieners

Kirsten Powers(Fox News Commentator) Loves Wieners! Well, at least she used to. The Fox News Liberal commentator dated Anthony Wiener after meeting him in 2002 when Kirsten Powers was Andrew Cuomo's press secretary. 
During the relationship, Kirsten said that the Wiener had traveled with her to Costa Rica  for a Christmas vacation. But he was not a disgraced Wiener at the time. Wiener was just up and coming.
She said that he was a doting boyfriend and her family was fond of him. Little did they know!
What Fox Scat finds really funny is that the disgraced Weiner is probably about 5'8" and Kirsten is 6 ft tall. He did mention in his online profile that he liked tall women, but then again, he also listed himself as 6'5" and 235 pounds.
After Kirsten dumped the shamed Wiener, she married Physician, Marty Makary who is also a  New York Times Best Selling author and television medical commentator

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