Fox News Dana Perino Is Tinier Than We Thought! Look How Small and Petite She Is!

Dana Perino was on Fox and Friends over the weekend and if you thought she was small before, take a look at this picture. Dana isn't small, she is tiny! She was seated next to Heather Childers and Dana made Heather look like a giant and Heather is by no means, a large woman.
How small is Dana? Well, Dana checks in at 105 pounds and stands 5'2" tall.  She wears a size 5.5 shoe and a size 2 dress & wears a 32B bra. Dana was born May 9, 1972 and is 42 yrs old.
I am sure she is one that never has to worry about getting liposuction, but we know she does watch what she eats. Dana revealed on The Five, that she has a list of foods in her phone that she used to eat but no longer eats. She stated she periodically reviews the foods and thinks about all the foods she misses eating.
I would think that makes her an extreme "Type A personality".
We here at Fox Scat, don't have a list of foods that we used to enjoy because we still enjoy everything!

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