Will Bob Beckel Finally Get Fired for Holding Back Votes Claim

We all know that Fox news allows Bob Beckel to get on the shows, on a daily basis and lie, make racist, bigoted, sexist comments and they let him get away with it. Worse yet, they parade him around from show to show, like a prized pig at the country fair. no pun intended)
On Tuesday night, during the elections,he was talking about the voting in Fairfax County and he boasted " "I worked Fairfax County and we always held back votes".  He implied that he and the others on the democrat team influenced the election reporting, to abet a type of "ballot stuffing". His co-hosts were oh, so surprised! But the Botox'd bloated toad doubled down and repeated it again. This is not the first time he has bragged about cheating during elections.
Wikipedia is reporting that "it is expected there will be some form of follow-up or investigation.
Well, Fox Scat is going to just go out on a  limb on this one and  bet that Wikipedia is wrong because 1) Fox News will ignore it. As a matter of fact, they have paraded Beckel around all day today to bloviate about the election on several show and was on "The Five"making ignorant comments about Charles Krauthammer, interrupting everyone, making disruptive noises like a child, when Brian Kilmead was trying to talk and telling Kimberly he was going to make "sexist" comments about her". So, NO, Fox News will not do anything.
2.) No Election authority will ever do anything to him because he is a liberal and even Beckel has said that he can get away with whatever he wants because he is a liberal. (his words) So Fox Scat doesn't  believe Wikipedia is correct in saying there will be an investigation about Beckel's latest claim.

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