Megyn Kelly's Excessive Vacation Days

Fox News Megyn Kelly made it a habit of going on maternity leave then coming back to a promotion. It happened 2 out of 3 times that she went on maternity leave.
The last time was the most disruptive because she came back and Fox pushed people out, moved people all around so that Princess Kelly could have the prime time slot that she wanted. Her excuse was that she wanted more time with her children so she was moved from the afternoon time into the cozy 9pm time slot.
Now that she has pushed everyone out of the way to accommodate her, she is missing in action 50% of the time.
She was off for more than 2 weeks after Christmas and New Years. Then she came back for a couple days, then claimed she had the flu, even though she joked and laughed her way through the show and sounded fine. Then was off for another 3 to 4 days for that "illness".
Did that stop her from taking off in February? No, not at all. Has taken off 2 separate stretches in February and currently she is off again.
It makes me wonder why does Fox hire these women and give them their own shows and allow them to take off constantly?
Martha MacCallum, Shannon Bream and Kimberly Guilfoyle are always forced to fill in for Megyn Kelly and the to other two who are always taking off: Elizabeth Hasslebeck and Gretchen Carlson.
Fox News always claims to be "fair and balanced" but I have yet to see anyone else take as much time off and still be allowed to control the coveted prime time slot, like Megyn Kelly does.
Hopefully while she is off this time, she will get some new extensions.

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