Megyn Kelly's Latest Facelift Plastic Surgery After Her Vacation? Megyn Kelly looks happy in her "after facelift" look. Look at Megyn Kelly's smile! Nice dimples!

We all know that Fox News, 45 yr old, Megyn Kelly has gone under the knife several times and we all know her face is pumped full of fillers and Botox. But her latest "vacation" unveiled her latest procedure.
Plastic Surgeon's will always recommend their patients getting a new hair style or color so that people will not notice the plastic surgery. They will think that the new hair style is the reason the person looks different.
Well, Megyn Kelly is hard to keep up with since she takes off so much time, but this time she suddenly disappeared for 2 weeks and came back looking a bit different.  Yes, her hair extensions are styled differently, but her face has obviously been "enhanced". Take a look and you can judge for yourself.
Here is her picture before she headed off for her latest "vacation"

Now here is her new look. Tell me if you think she looks the same!  I'm guessing Megyn Kelly had a face lift.  This is untouched not photoshopped image of Megyn Kelly, this image was taken directly from the tv screen.

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