Where is Bob Beckel? This is the 50 Cent Question Of The Day!

If you are familiar with "The Five", on Fox News, you might have noticed that Bob Beckel has been missing for 4 weeks.
Naturally Fox is staying mum on this topic but  Beckel slithered out and tweeted that he had back surgery.  I found it ironic that he requested that "if you miss me, send me a Tweet". Isn't Beckel the one who still is trying to pretend like he doesn't know what Twitter is and he likes to call it "Twootering" or something ridiculous like that?
Call me cynical but I am betting there is more to this story than a back surgery. Didn't he claim awhile back that he went to a new Dr. and he didn't need surgery? I am sure he will be claiming this as some injury from his big "football days".
He claims he  has a bad back but don't you wonder how he was able to do the yoga classes that they showed, or what about the bobsled ride he showed us? That isn't really something a person with a bad back, would be volunteering to do.
I think he claims he has to take pain pills because he has a bad back to render an explanation for his slurring words and mumbling.
I'm betting he is either in rehab, or he went under the Fox News Plastic Surgery knife and will come back looking like Megyn Kelly's new face.
Whatever the reason is, we will unfortunately find out soon enough, and Beckel will be back.
It has been nice with the intellectual debates that have been able to take place with Julie and Juan there instead of Beckel.  The lies, making up stats,outbursts, screaming, coughing, choking, slobbering, slurping the candy, and the interruptions has grown very old and he has nothing of substance to add. I was hoping that Fox wised up and fired the moron.
The show has been actually pleasant and so much more has been able to be covered because of the lack of interruputions.

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