Fox News~Bob Beckel Missing In Action~ Update

Fox News big mouthed liberal, Bob Beckel has been missing from the line up since Feb. 16th. "The Five" crew has been mum about  his where about's. Meanwhile, around the beginning of March, Beckel tweeted to his "fans" that he had back surgery and he was going to PT.
I'm calling BS on this latest lie of his. I am betting on him being in rehab for him either drinking again or doing drugs again.
If you think about it, Fox News is always looking for a story. If Beckel really was in PT, you know they would have the camera's there and interviewing him and showing the slob roll around on the floor mats. Mr. "Bad Back" Beckel  was filmed doing "downward dog" at yoga class and racing downhill in a bobsled, which was really surprising  maneuvers for someone with a bad back.
HR would be forced to keep the slob on payroll if  he was in rehab and that would explain why no one even mentions his name. Not one mention of him, at all!
Anyone who watched "The Five" was forced to endure Beckel slobbering over himself and slurring his words since the beginning of the show. I guess no one at Fox was bright enough to catch that he always sounded like he had a mouth full of something smelly.
I could be wrong, and if I am, I will be the first to say it. But I think he is in rehab.  Fox New's silence on Beckel is very telling.

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  1. I remember that his last show included his brother. Bob referenced that his brother would be pushing him in a wheelchair but did not specify the reason. So, I believe the back operation story. I am sure he will be back to annoy the cast and fans of The Five sometime soon.