Why Is Fox News Bill OReilly Covering For Bob Beckel? Where is Bob Beckel? What is Bob Beckel Really Doing?

Fox News has been covering for the disappearance of Bob Beckel since Feb 16th. He was missing and no one mentioned anything about it. They were all oddly silent on Beckel's absence.
Fox Scat has speculated that it was either that Beckel was getting sued for some  bigoted, racial comment be made or he was in rehab. Beckel had been slobbering and slurring his words since he was on the show, but it had gotten progressively worse.
Some of his comments were not even clear enough to decipher a single word. There was one show that Greg Gutfield, who sits at the end of  the table, had to ask him what he said because he didn't understand what he slobbered out of his mouth.
So now it has been almost 3 months since he was gone and still no mention of him until last week when Bill O'Reilly was reading viewers comments. One "viewer" wrote in and asked where Beckel was and O'Reilly answered that he had back surgery.
Fox Scat is not buying it. Fox news never misses a chance to do a story on anything that any of their hosts do outside of Fox. We have seen Dana Perino at the rodeo, at the car races, volunteering on a medical ship, Jon Scotts climbing mountains, Gretchen doing beauty pageants, Megyn Kelly receiving awards for being a liberal, Maria Molina dressed up like a tornado and her fiance dressed up like a cow for Halloween  and on and on....they cover everything!
We even saw Beckel's gaudy Christmas light display and him doing his yoga moves (bad back???) but he has surgery and no one story, not one picture? Not buying it.
If he does slither back on the set, he will probably have had his stomach stapled, face lifted and hair plugs installed to try to make it seem like that was why he was out for so long.
You can be sure that  the slobbering, lying Liberal is in rehab and that is why Fox is covering. Remember Beckel was receiving awards for his work with AA and he was always using his sobriety as his badge of honor. 
Viewers were writing in and saying Bob was doing drugs and drinking again and the producers at Fox, ignored the viewers comments.
Fox News needs to quit covering and if they are lying, they need to come clean. Brian Williams is suspended for lying, well, what about this? This appears to be a lie to us.
Fox Scat is still going to stand on our prediction that Beckel is in rehab, yet again and Fox News and Bill O'Reilly are lying to cover for him.

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