Fox News Bob Beckel In Drug Rehab For His Drug Addiction

For 3 months, Fox Scat has said that Beckel's reason for being off the show was probably due to him being in rehab or is off the show for  being sued for something he said or did. But most likely he is in rehab. Well, it is now confirmed that Beckel is back in rehab for drugs. Fox News issued a statement:
“Bob Beckel has entered a rehab facility for treatment of an addiction to prescription pain medication. His relapse developed over the last several months as he tried to cope with extensive back pain before and after he underwent major back surgery. We hope our viewers and the public will respect Bob’s privacy during this difficult time.”
Well, once again, Fox is lying to cover for Beckel.  Beckel has been claiming he had a bad back due to a "football injury". Naturally, there was never any mention of what type of injury it was. I specifically remember him saying he needed surgery and then he announced he went to a new Dr. and he did not need surgery.
As we discussed in earlier posts that Bob had video's of him doing yoga moves, downward dog, etc. and didn't seem to have any problems. He also had video's of him riding bob sleds,etc.  Surely someone with such extensive injuries would not be participating in activities like this.
Fox Scat believes that Beckel is just a user and since he was always wearing his recovery as his "badge of honor"  he came up with the back pain as his excuse for his relapse. Beckel actually had the gall to accept an award for his work with AA while he was probably high.
Once he is finished with recovery, he will come back, play the victim to the "back pain" and now will have 2 badges of honor for him tackling his addictions.
Probably the only surgery he will have had is a stomach stapling and a face and neck lift.
Beckel has been slobbering and slurring his words for years. We, the viewers wrote to Fox and told them he was slurring his words and he was using drugs again. They ignored us.
He must have been caught, passed out in his car with a bag of drugs in order for Fox to finally force Beckel to go to Rehab.
The back surgery excuse left Beckel looking like a victim again and allows him to still use his back pain story.
Fox Scat knows that this is just more Fox New BS and it is just more lies to cover for Beckel being a user again.
We wish him well, but hope he takes his addiction badge and his civil right's marcher badge and marches on over to MSNBC.
Fox Scat is voting for Julie. She has made the show so enjoyable since she joined The Five.

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