Fox News Megyn Kelly's Hair Extensions Are Exposed in Jeb Bush interview!

We all know that Megyn Kelly started wearing her magic hair extensions last August. She went from chin length bob to a suddenly her hair was growing inches each week. She started her magical illusion with the viewers by suddenly wearing her hair slicked back and then when we all "forgot" that she had previously had short hair, she appeared with hair 6" longer.
Well, now she has moved on to another look with one side in front of the boney shoulder and the other behind the shoulder.  Her stylist must not be aware that her hair is "platinum/gray blonde" and her extensions are yellowish and straw looking.
Last night she appeared in an interview with Jeb Bush and she was not in her perfectly lit studio. Under the new lights, you could clearly see her natural hair is her original chin length bob and she is wearing 1 foot long yellow extensions.
Take a look at these pics and you will see what I am talking about.

Here is Megyn Kelly interviewing Jeb Bush...........


  1. It's so obvious that the "thing" on her left shoulder is an extension and not a good match at all! I wish she would change things up occasionally wear that "thing" on her right shoulder. It's very difficult to see her as a serious TV journalist, I'm so focused on that hair. Megyn you're too long in the tooth for this hair style. .

  2. Thank Gawd she fixed her hair!! About time she "woke up" as to how bad it really looked. If you're going to have hair extensions, at least pay the money to have really good human hair and color to match.
    Her short hair style looks great now...and Meg-stay away from hair extensions!!