Fox News Liberal Megyn Kelly Exploits The Duggar Story To Get Ratings

Liberal Anchor Megyn Kelly from Fox News has spent the last 2 weeks exploiting the Duggar family so that she could get the interview and get the ratings. She actually talked about others in the media "gnawing on the carcus" of this story. That was laughable since she has paraded around for the 2 weeks talking about the case, the interview,etc every chance she could get. I am sure that she has a lot of raw meat between those pearly veneers of hers.
She packed up her extensions and false eyelashes to flew out to Arkansas to meet with the Duggars regarding the story that In Touch Magazine uncovered.
It is obvious that Fox News is pushing Megyn Kelly as their trophy anchor. You can be sure that she was the chosen one to get that interview. Why not Greta? She has a lot more legal experience than Kelly has and Greta too is liberal, but Greta is not the "shining star" that Fox is promoting.
What a shocker, Kelly was cheered on by all the liberal talk shows the media. AOL, CNN, HuffPost and even the View cheered her on.  That alone should tell you that Megyn Kelly is a Liberal.
Kelly didn't miss her chance to ask the Duggar girls if there was anything else would come out about their family, if there was anything they were hiding and she used the word "molestation" over and over and over. She asked them if they felt shame having to discuss the "molestation". 
The Duggar girls responded they didn't have shame about what happened but the media was lying and they have been much more hurt by the lies from the media than from what happened to them 12 yrs ago.
If you want to see the interviews, here they are in this post, so you can watch them and see Megyn Kelly exploit the Duggars and their daughters as she claims to not be one of the media who are just looking for ratings and exploiting the story.

Megyn Kelly Duggar Interview Part 1 of 2

Megyn Kelly Duggar Interview Part 2 of 2

Megyn Kelly Interviews Duggar Sisters Jill and Jessa full interview

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