Fox News Finally Fires Bob Beckel from "The Five", What Happened To Bob Beckel? Now We Know and Confirmed What We Thought

Fox News finally came clean and issued a statement saying that they have finally parted ways with Bob Beckel. In other words, they fired the loud mouth, vile, bigot.
Dana Perino announced at the end of the Five, that Beckel would no longer be at the table and he has moved on. There was no other comments from Dana.
We all know that the whole "back surgery" story was a lie but Fox was obviously covering for Beckel and probably giving him time to work out his issues.
Bill Shine, who is the Executive Programming VP that their patience with Beckel had run out at the channel. He went on to say " we tried to work with Bob for months, but we couldn't hold the Five hostage to one man's personal issues." " He took tremendous advantage of our generosity, empathy and goodwill and we simply came to the end of the road with him:"
They will continue to rotate liberals so Juan, Geraldo and Julie will probably be on often.
I have been watching the Five and just so amazed at how smooth is goes now and intelligent debates now can take place with the mix that host the show. No longer are there outbursts, scream feasts, insults are absent, no more fowl language, no slurring words, no more racist comments, no bigoted comments, no more choking, no interrupting and no slamming fists on the table and no more incoherent babbling.
Beckel Tweeted that he didn't know why Fox was angry and asked people to buy his book.
Go away Beckel. MSNBC will probably want you.  Maybe you can do a show with Al Sharpton.


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