Fox News Brings Out It's Liberals To Moderate The GOP Presidential Debate

With the first GOP Presidential debate set to take place on Thursday, August 6, 2015, they have lined up their Liberal's to moderate the debate. Having Liberals moderate the debate is a way that Fox can avoid being attacked by the lefty media.
First in the "Liberal Line" up is Chris Wallace, son of CBS's 60 Minutes, Mike Wallace. Chris currently is the host of " Fox News Sunday". On October 11, 2006, The Washington Post revealed that Wallace had been a registered Democrat for more than two decades.
Megyn Kelly, as usual has pushed her way into the line up. Armed with her doll hair, false eyelashes, Kelly will be there.  Look for her stick arms will be covered with her "go to" black blazer that she always  wears at these events. She will be screaming her questions to the candidates, making sure her "man voice" will be able to be heard, louder than the other two moderators.
While Kelly doesn't reveal what team she is on, her husband is a long time supporter of Hillary and Kelly's BBF is ultra-liberal Sheryl Sandberg.  Also,Kelly has received several accolades from various liberal media outlets. If you can tolerate listening to  her scream for 1 hr per night, you will see how she hits the Republicans with harder questions and seems to enjoy being able to drop them to their knees in her "gotcha" games she plays.
She attacked Vice President Cheney in an interview to the point that the left were chirping with glee and she strutted around like a peacock after her delivering a "gotcha" to Jeb Bush.
Viewers had to sit and listen brag  as she showed clips of that take down, day after day. She giggled with her "man voice" as she proudly boasted about the praise she was given from the lefty media for knocking Bush down.
You can be sure that she will have crafted questions to try to knock Trump off his 1st place pedestal. She will know that trophy will be the one she will be able to hang  her hat on.
Lastly, there is Brett Baier. He is a Liberal, but he is fair and does non-partisan reporting. He is not the type of journalist that tries to deliver the "gotcha's" like Kelly does. Baier was the journalist  that Obama chose to sit down with, for a rare, Fox News interview. So that should confirm to you, that he too is a Liberal. Baier will surely deliver measured questions to all the contestants, most likely on policy and not be looking to deliver a knock out like Kelly will be doing.
Baier has achieved his deserved respect in the field of Jouralism as has Wallace from being fair and articulate journalists.  Kelly on the other hand, has been handed the promotions each time she gave birth and has been delivered the coveted interviews to help her look like a tough journalist. Look for her to focus on knocking Trump off his 1st place spot.

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