Fox News Republican Presidential Debate~ Megyn Kelly Attacks Donald Trump

Well, Megyn Kelly was going for the "exposed arms look".  Her stick arms were on display with her new, extra long extensions. The debate was a total joke.
If you watched the 5pm debate, it was organized, structured, professional and the questions were well through out. The moderators, Martha and Bill showed they were non-partisan as they asked their, well structured questions.
The 9pm debate was unorganized, unprofessional and was dripping with biased questions to the Candidates. Fox had 3 liberals lined up  as the moderators and the crowd was allowed to applaud, cheer, boo, etc.  They topped it off with a post-debate interview with Bill Burton and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. That should tell you what Fox is up to.
Megyn Kelly would attempt to be cool and snarky with her comments and poor attempt at comedy. I have never seen a debate run so poorly.
Megyn Kelly has complete distain for Trump and she has showed it from the time he announced he was running for president.  I knew she would be working on crafting "gotcha" questions for Trump to try to get the lefty media to love her even more.
Trump would be asked a question about his previous bankruptcy and Rubio would be asked a question about Libya or something on foreign policy.  Trump would be asked why he donated to Hillary and when he became a Republican and Walker would be asked his opinion about Social Security.
With a smile from ear to ear, Megyn Kelly asked Trump about comments he made calling a woman pig, clown,etc. Trump joked in reponse and said " well that was about Rosie O'Donnell and Kelly quickly said " That is not the only instance" and went on to give a list of other things he had said. Trump told her that everything is being taken out of context and even when he is joking, the media reports that it was serious.
This blatant attack on Trump went on for the entire debate. They were going back 20 yrs and asking him why he backed Democrats in the past,etc. They did not ask him one, single question about policy,etc.
Megyn Kelly even went as far as asking  if any of the candidate had had a talk with God and  asked what did God tell them? She went down the line, putting each one of them on the spot. Would she have asked the Democrats questions like this?
After the debate was over, Megyn Kelly had her line-up of people to interview and kept going back to how Trump told her that he was nice to her considering how she has treated him.  Several times the people she was talking with had to change the subject because she just wanted to talk about her Trump "gotcha" moment.
Anyone that watched the debate has to admit that Fox News was attacking him with the personal questions that he was having lobbed at him.

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