Megyn Kelly Comes Out Of The Closet At GOP Presidential Debate

We have always known that Megyn Kelly was a closet liberal but now the whole world knows that she is a liberal!
Her obnoxious antics at the GOP Presidential debate should earn her a boot out the door at Fox. She chirped with glee, after the debate that "Women are going to be offended" because of Trump but that turned out to be not the case.
She, and the other moderators were so biased that if I didn't know better, I would have thought Chris Matthews from MSNBC was the one asking the questions.
The left is foaming at the mouth trying to now, saying that Trump made a sexist comment about Megyn Kelly about blood coming out of her eyes and blood coming out of her (nose) wherever. Megyn thinks he was talking about her vagina.
They are failing to say that he said the same thing about Chris Wallace so I guess he must have been saying that Chris Wallace must have a vagina as well.
While the left is chirping about this, no one is mentioning the other attack on the GOP candidates that the exposed, liberal, Megyn Kelly waged on them.
It was the end of the debate and there were under 10 minutes left and the out of the closet, Megyn Kelly tells the candidates that she wants everyone to answer this question: "  Have you talked to God about your idea to run and if you did, just what did he tell you?"
What kind of a question is that? I am sure her intention was to make the GOP all look like holy rollers and morons as they tried to come up with the answer for this off the wall, inappropriate question.  Would she ask that question to Obama, when he was running? Would she ask Hillary when they have the Democrat debate? I doubt that would be a question she would ask.
Megyn Kelly has somehow slithered her way to the top on Fox and it is clear that while the left claims that Fox is all Republicans and "faux news", it is clear that Fox is NOT all Republicans. Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace and Brett Baier are all liberals. Fox is showing it real roots and Megyn Kelly is now is at the level as Chris Matthews.
But the plastic,  faux journalist has now been exposed and it backfired on her. Her Facebook page was hit with thousands of people stating their disgust in how she acted.
She was excited when she said that women are going to be offended by Trump's comments but it has backfired on her and women are offended by her blatant biased attacks.
The plastic princess at Fox News doesn't have the power that she thinks she has.

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