Fox and Friends, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is Leaving the Show! Thank God!

Well, it finally happened. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving Fox and Friends. That whiny, nasal voice will be gone by the end of the year.
Elisabeth said that the reason that she is leaving, is because she wants to be home with her kids. Fox Scat doesn't think that is the case at all.
I have 2 other explanations as to why Hasselback is leaving Fox and Friends.
One reason could be that Elisabeth is still concerned about her health and maybe she feels the stress of working is conducive for her healing from her cancer scare.
If you recall, Elisabeth Hasselbeck disappeared from the curvy couch and Fox  was quiet as to why she was missing. Then she returned and shared that she had a cancer scare and had underwent surgery to remove a benign growth. Fox Scat hopes that her health is not why she is leaving Fox Scat.
The next reason that I believe might be the reason is because Elisabeth is actually beyond annoying. Her whiny, nasal voice gets on the nerves of any viewer who is not wearing a hearing-aid.
When Elisabeth Hasselbeck left The View, Fox was excited that she increased their viewers. But those viewers might have just followed her, to watch a train wreck.  Has Hasselbeck been able to retain the viewers? Did she really have that many fans?
She took this job and really is in way over her head. I have no idea what Fox was thinking when they brought her on, but while I was no fan of Gretchen and her nasty attitude, Hasselbeck's voice and the way she delivered her lines, was really hard to handle, early in the morning.
Fox has stated that they will rotate women who fill in until they select who will win the spot to replace Elisabeth.
Fox Scat is hoping that Ansley Earhardt is the one they select. Who do you want to see on the couch? Feel free to post your choice below!

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