Megyn Kelly Cuts Her Hair? No, Actually Megyn Kelly Removed Hair Extensions

Megyn Kelly took big hits and was exposed as a liberal-hack after her attack on Trump in the first Republican debate. Her attack questions could have been written by the writers from MSNBC.
So as her ratings fell, she struggled to try appear to be unscathed by her drop in ratings.
Right after the debate, she took a sudden vacation and claimed it was planned and she just had not taken a vacation in a very long time. She must not count the week long vacations she takes, every time there is a holiday.
So, she returns and still her ratings are down. Fox News is not going to be discussing that because of their advertisers. But what to do? How can they "reinvent" the exposed liberal-hack, Megyn Kelly?
Time for a new Do! Hair Do, that is!
I have seen people actually think she got a hair cut. No, that is not a haircut. It is called "extension removal". We all watched in amazement as her chin-length hair, suddenly was magically growing. Soon, she appeared with it greased back and carefully pushed behind her, to disguise the length.
Then suddenly, it was grease free and had grown 8 - 12 inches. WOW! That is amazing! Megyn Kelly's hair extensions were on full display.
Fox Scat posted pictures showing Megyn Kelly from the back and you could clearly see the difference in color and that her natural hair was very short and a grey-ish color, more of a platinum blonde. But her extensions were chicken yellow and were straw texture. The resembled old Barbie doll hair.
I am going to once again show you pics to look at, showing her short hair do and how the extensions were clearly a different color. Then take a look at her hair do now. It's not cut, she just the removal of her hair extensions.
It will stay short until she wants to reinvent herself again and you will be able to witness the Megyn Kelly magic growing hair.
For those of you that believed it was her hair, I do hope this clears it up for you. There is not a lot about Megyn Kelly that is not fake and her hair extensions were no exception.
Megyn Kelly's Hair Extensions exposed! Gray short hair on top, long, chicken-yellow, straw hair extensions on the bottom.

You can see Megyn Kelly's hair extensions are tucked under the short hair.

This picture below clearly shows the same color hair, as the top of her hair in the above pictures. She now has her magic hair extensions removed.

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