Megyn Kelly Claims Trump Tried To "Woo" Her.

So Megyn Kelly is still at it. She will not let go of her hatred for Trump and Fox is letting her get away with it daily.
Now she is claiming that before the GOP debate, Trump tried to "woo" her. Pushing her latest attack is AOL. Today that had it featured in 3 different, front page stories.
We all know that AOL is a liberal platform and being that they are pushing this new story, showing Kelly as a victim of Trump trying to "woo" her, tells you that she is not an "independent" that she claims she is. She is a liberal hack.
Also, Kelly shed her extensions as she posed for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. So she needed a story to make people want to read about her, so what better to do but attack Trump, yet again. 
If you recall her last photo shoot with GQ magazine, when she posed in red stiletto's and a skin tight dress that barely covered her anus as she bent over on a  chair. She looked like she was waiting for a rear entry, all the while claiming she was a real journalist.
Now that she is 45 yrs old, her perky bottom look is not going to draw crowds, like she envisions. So, she had to come up with a new shtick, and the Trump attack was perfect for her.
Fox News needs to reign in this woman and get her to stop making a mockery out of journalism and stop her childish vendetta against Trump. We can all see through this little game of hers.

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