Fox News Is Allowing Megyn Kelly To Create Debate Drama Again

Why is it that people have forgotten the circus debate that was headed by Megyn Kelly on Fox News in August? Foaming at the mouth and acting like a jealous high school kid, Megyn Kelly went after Donald Trump with vengeance. It was obvious she was biased and her liberal roots were fully exposed.

She didn't bother asking about foreign policy, immigration, etc. Instead she asked about comments Trump had made about Rosie O'Donnel when she attacked him a few years back.

I was shocked that people actually got it and she was fully exposed. They came to Trump's defense. The big tough, Megyn Kelly slithered off on a sudden 2 week vacation while she left Fox cover for her and defend her.

After, she come back, she continued bad mouthing Trump. Trump made the comment "she had blood shooting out of her  eyes and her whatever".....well, Kelly immediately ran around claiming he was talking about her vagina. The lefty feminists chimed in as well. But what they all ignored was he has said "EXACTLY" the same thing about Chris Wallace, who is a man. Megyn Kelly didn't care, she just kept beating her "vagina drum": a pushed the war on women rhetoric.

Now the left loves her. Even AOL features her and writes positive articles about Megyn Kelly and she is invited to the White House for dinners,etc. Of course she is. She is a closet liberal and her husband is a huge Hillary supporter. Those are the circles they run with.

Megyn Kelly is BBF's with Sheryl Sandberg, who is a billionaire/liberal.  Kelly seems to have a knack for latching onto rich people.

Remember, she dumped her Doctor husband when she had a chance to hook up with "Doug", her current, liberal, rich, husband.

Now, here we are again, Fox News is allowing Megyn Kelly to once again, moderate a debate. What were they thinking? But she doesn't care and now the GOP is mocking Trump since he backed out and of course the liberals are mocking Trump.

Kelly used to entire 1 hr show, last night to bash and mock Trump. How childish is that? Why is Fox letting her act like this.

They have spent millions and millions on defending and pushing Kelly. Why?

I'm pretty sure that she didn't get to her position with her "brains", so I think there was some kneepads involved.  Which is probably why Ailes defends her and is pushing her down everyone's throats.

I hope this whole drama that she has created, backfires on her. She needs to be put in her place once again.

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