Bob Beckel, Attacks Bill O'Reilly's Ratings With His Lies

Well, old Bob Beckel has somehow slithered into a job at CNN and Bill Oreilly had a clip of Beckel, slurring his words and lying about O'Reilly's ratings. Beckel spewed his lies and said that Liberal Megyn Kelly was beating OReilly with her ratings, from day one of her show. That of course is a lie and it was never true.
O'Reilly called Beckel out and said that it was not true and never was true and stated that "Beckel never bothered with facts, which is why he is no longer on Fox".
I am sure that will set Beckel off and he will proceed to attack OReilly, every chance he can. He better be careful because I am sure that CNN will  not tolerate his lies and his drug abuse.
Also, BTW, watch the video and see what you think, but is it just me or is Beckel missing his bottom tooth? Watch his fat lips moving and I swear it looks like he lost a tooth in the front on the bottom. I know his top teeth are poorly fit dentures, but either a tooth fell out or I must just be imaging things.
Let me know what you think.

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