Fox News Turns Into a Liberal Love Fest, look at Megyn Kelly

I love when I hear Liberals refer to Fox News as "Faux News". Nothing screams " I am an uninformed, bottom feeder" more than comments like that. For those of us who are informed, we know that that is far from the truth. As a matter of fact, anyone who is actually paying attention, you will notice that as time goes on, Fox News is getting more and more Liberal.
Take a look at all of the people who are the main players in the election coverage. They are all Liberals. Chris Wallace, Brett Baier, Megyn Kelly, James Rosen, Ed Henry, Carl Cameron & Shepard Smith.  I could go on with the list of Liberals. But you can be sure that there are more Liberals than there are Conservatives on Fox channel.
They even have Geraldo Rivera claiming to be a Republican, when there is not a Conservative thought that comes out of his foul mouth. He even has the Liberal "talking over everyone" habit perfected.
This election cycle, Fox Liberals are promoting Hillary and degrading Sanders and they are pushing Rubio and attacking Trump. Even the Conservatives are bashing Trump.
It is obvious that Fox is coddling the Millennial's so they are following closely what the Millennial's are saying and they are then following those talking points. Since they are known to be more Liberal and supporters of Socialism, Fox is trying to attract them.
So the next time you hear someone with their old, outdated talking points about Fox being the "Faux" news channel, you will know that you are looking at a very uninformed person. So don't waste your time with listening to their chatter. Life is too short to waste your time with people like that.

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