Megyn Kelly's Ratings Sinking~ Megyn Kelly Begs Trump For A "Private Meeting".

If you read stories on AOL, you would think that Megyn Kelly walks on water. They have suddenly turned from bashing all things on "Faux News" (as they used to refer to Fox News) and now, they have several stories about the wonders of Megyn Kelly. Why? Because now they know she is a liberal and Megyn Kelly's Bestie is Sheryl Sandberg (Billionaire/uber Liberal/Hillary backer) is helping to push her friend's career for her.

Megyn Kelly has turned her show into the "Destroy Donald Trump Hour". 5 days a week, she sits on her perch and screams out " Breaking Tonight" and then goes on to have guest after guest come on and join in her "attack Trump fest". Since she attacked Trump at the first GOP Republican debate, she has never let up. She thought her "fans" were with her in this war.

Surprise! They were not! No matter what AOL says or the other Liberal media are saying, her fans are leaving in droves. When her "Destroy Donald Trump Hour" comes on, Fox viewers are turning the channel.
Read her Facebook posts, people do not like her and the negative posts are the majority of the posts. Read an article on AOL and the comments are all in agreement that "she has let this go to her head", " she should be on MSNBC", "She is a hack", " her attacks on Trump are out of control", etc.

Clever little Miss Kelly has been exposed and her ratings are taking a hit.
Now Fox will never tell that because they don't want to lose the advertisers but read the boards. People are not supporting her childish behavior. People are sick of her and her antics.
Additionally, during the day, Fox advertises only Megyn Kelly's show all day long. They are trying to get more viewers interested, but they are not buying it.

So now Megyn Kelly contacts Trump and sets up a "private meeting". She is trying to act like she wants to make peace, but you can be sure she is trying to save her own, anorexic behind.

Trump was courteous and let her come in to see him. She couldn't wait until she could announce that "Yours truly" (her favorite thing to say when praising herself) had gone to meet with Trump and maybe there will be an interview.

I really hope that Trump is smart enough to know this is only for her to save herself and get ratings. You can be sure that she will sit like a viper, ready to attack the minute she can.

Megyn Kelly is having a hard time trying to morph into something but we are trying to figure out what it is. Megyn Kelly has removed her hair extensions, dyed her hair a greyish tone and has so much filler in her cheeks that they look like an alien.  She also appears that she had her implants removed. I guess she is trying to shed the "bimbo" look.

We will have to wait and see what Megyn Kelly will do next to try  to salvage her ratings. AOL (Hufington Post) and the media are all trying to protect her. But you can be sure that the only reason she is asking to meet privately with Trump is because her ratings are tanking.

Be careful Trump! There is a viper ready to strike and this one happens to work for Fox!

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