What are the birthday's of the Fox News Ladies? See the answers below...

What are the birthday's of the ladies of Fox News?
Well, we all know that the sexy ladies on Fox News Channel are nipped, tucked and filled with Botox and filler, so it is hard to tell their ages. Don't let the fact that they have young children throw you off. I am sure that science helped them with that!  Just look at Angelina Jolie, according to her, she drank orange juice and made twins.

Here are a few Fox News ladies birthday's that may surprise you...

Judge Jeanine Pirro Birthday: June 2, 1951 

Harris Faulkner Birthday: Oct. 13, 1965 

Kimberly Guilfoyle Birthday: March 9, 1969 

Shannon Bream Birthday: Dec. 23, 1970 

Dana Perino Birthday: May 9, 1972 

Ainsley Earhardt Birthday: September 20, 1976 

Abby Hunstman Birthday: May 1st, 1986

Megan McCain Birthday: October 23, 1984

Sandra Smith Birthday: September 22nd, 1980

Julie Roginski Birthday: April 25, 1973

Melissa Francis Birthday: December 12th, 1972

Julie Banderas Birthday: September 25th, 1973

Previous Ladies of Fox News birthday's

Megyn Kelly Birthday: Nov. 18, 1970 

Gretchen Carlson Birthday: June 21, 1966 

Greta Van Susteren  Birthday: June 11, 1954 

Elisabeth Hasslebeck May 28, 1977

Andrea Tantaros Dec. 30, 1978

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